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What is CryptoPOS?

Platform based on blockchain technology (WAVES), mobile computing and contactless technology to bring suppliers and consumers closer together through a fast, versatile and economic payment ecosystem.

CryptoPOS offers an alternative to users who do not have smart mobile devices to perform payment transactions, these, due to their costs, have become a barrier to expand the use of payment systems based on cryptocurrencies.

The User acquires a consumer card that can be recharged through different financing mechanisms (Fiat Money and Cryptocurrency) through a Portal and Mobile Application, with this can initiate transactions at points of sale (Android / iOS mobile devices or specialized Hardware) of business affiliated with the platform. It is a “contactless” card that has a chip that is activated by radio frequency from the point of sale using NFC technology.

The payment ecosystem works with a token (Warocoin – WRX) in a Waves private blockchain that supports the transactional exchange of payments (between Users and Affiliate) and reloads (Between users and the platform)

The platform offers value-added services to both cardholders and affiliates, so both actors can know the chronology of transactions made and the accumulated balance in the Warocoin token, it is about building a self-provisioning platform that will allow the affiliate to download the point-of-sale software, configure devices, know the data of customers who have used their platform, convert the Warocoin balance accumulated from the transactions to Fiat Money, among many other things.

How to Work CryptoPOS Platform?

User’s Perspective

• The consumer card is purchased with a balance preloaded in an authorized establishment. There is an activation process that includes falling into key data such as country, identification number, name, phone number, email.

• Go to an affiliated establishment and initiate a payment process, providing the identification number and the amount, the member brings the consumer card to the device configured with the CryptoPOS application. The funds are transferred from the wallet of the card to that of the affiliated business.

• A consumption notification is created to the owner of the card via SMS or email.

• The affiliate can optionally register on the platform’s portal to register consumer cards, recharge it, know the outgoing and transactions made.

Affiliate’s Perspective

• Candidate registers on the platform and certifies his account.

• Download the CryptoPOS software to install it on the convenience platform. (Android / iOS) (The installer verifies that the device has the necessary resources.

• Generate credentials for software activation of CryptoPOS Point of Sale.

• Activate CryptoPOS Point of Sale using Credentials provided by the platform.

• Payments are processed by bringing the user card to the device enabled with CryptoPOS.

• The affiliate can use the platform to: oCheck the movements of each one of the configured outlets and the amount accumulated in Warocoin (Token of the Platform) collected as a result of the executed transactions. oActivate operations of conversion to fiat money of Warocoin collected.

Business areas

• Manufacture of Personalized Cards for Affiliated Businesses.

• Speed for the incorporation of businesses affiliated with the payment ecosystem.

• Possibility of recharging consumer cards using multiple sources of financing. (Fiat / Crypto).

• Possibility of integration of the platform with administrative applications.

CryptoPOS High-Level Architecture


CryptoPOS Mobile Application

Mobile application as point of sale in mobile phones equipped with NFC readers and RFID smart cards.

Mobile application for the management of a virtual wallet for customers interacting in an ecosystem of data servers, services and Blockchain.

CryptoPOS Web Application

Web application for the administration of all the components of the platform.


• Security and reliability provided by Blockchain technology. 

• The simplicity of Contactless technology and Qr Codes.

• The anticloning protection of Smart Cards.

• The savings and multifunctionality of a point of sale installed in Mobile Phones.

• No dependence on any banking platform.

• Ubiquity: Where there is internet, there will be CryptoPOS.